Vacuum-Assisted Radio Frequency

Who doesn’t want to have tightened, firmer skin?

But now the dream of having this is possible with Vacuum-assisted radiofrequency.

The good news is that now this facility is available to you here in Edinburgh at Contour Clinic..

How does the RF wave work to tighten the skin?

The vacuum-assisted radiofrequency with the help of RF waves heat the subdermal layers.

This results in:

• Shrinkage of existing collagen and this delivering an immediate plumping
and tightening effect.
• Removal and denaturation of old fibrous collagen tissue.
• Stimulate the fibroblast cell to produce fresh and more collagen tissue
resulting in overall tightening of the skin.

What are the objectives of the Vacuum-assisted radiofrequency treatment?

• Stimulate the production of collagen and thus tightening of the skin
• Firmer and smooth skin
• Break down and rearrange the fat deposits to overall reduce the thickness
of thickened area, sculpt and smooth the fatty stubborn area, improve the
tone of the skin.

What are the benefits of the Vacuum assisted radio frequency treatment?

• Pain-less, non surgical tightening and smoothening of skin.
• No discomfort to the client.
• No need for any needle, no drugs, no stay in hospital.
• Immediate and excellent skin tightening result.
• Absolutely non invasive

This is the most advanced technology facilitated by the Contour clinic in Edinburgh allowing the local people and residents from the surrounding area to treat their skin with the best ever treatment.

Look beautiful with firm and smooth skin, no matter what your age is.