acne therapy

Blue LED Light Therapy

  • Treatment is aimed at acne, oily, congested and inflamed skins
  • Offering powerful antibacterial properties in the fight against problem skin
  • Blue light sits on the surface and kills the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria
  • The blue light also acts to normalise oil production



The SeeMask Pro delivers an amazing array of facial skin treatment capabilities through application of carefully selected light wavelengths generated by LED’s, through a unique refraction matrix mask.

  • This disperses the light across the surface of the skin to ensure consistent and even delivery of the energy to the cells.
  • The SeeMask pro leverages three key light wavelengths that are perceived as visible colours; Red, Blue and Purple.
Red LED Light Therapy
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Simulates the anti-ageing process by encouraging collagen production and elastin
  • Results in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst tightening sagging skin
LED Light Therapy Edinburgh

Purple LED Light Therapy

  • The combination of Red and Blue light therapies giving dual effectiveness in skin regeneration
  • By decreasing the telomeres of DNA in the cells, it brings it back to a stem like state, so it can more easily divide and replicate, creating brand new cells
  • Used for promoting a healthy rejuvenated feeling in the skin

Recommended 8-10 treatments twice per week.

50% off when combining with Radio Frequency or BIO Micro-Current Treatment.

Your safety is our priority. Please click here to read about contra-indications to ensure you are suitable for this treatment.

We at Contour Clinic, are here to provide you with various non-invasive skin treatments so you can be the best and most confident version of yourself.


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