Photon Light Therapy

Our skin absorbs light as energy, as our cells are photoreceptive. The wavelength of light energy is measured in nanometers. This is the distance between the peaks of the light waves and determines where on the overall energy spectrum the particular “colour” of light falls.

By using different light colours Photon Light Therapy encourages many beneficial effects within the skin.

Photon Light Therapy

Used to treat a variety of skin conditions:-

  • After RF treatment to accelerate results and further stimulate collagen production
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles as a non-RF alternative
  • Improves the consistency, texture and tone of skin
  • Thickens hair and improves scalp condition
  • Reduces skin discoloration, aids in the reduction of hyper-pigmentation and dark spots
  • Produces the singlet oxygen to destroy acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and aids in the treatment of acne
  • Reduces rosacea and redness in the skin, decreases the appearance of blood vessels near the surface of the skin

Recommended 8-10 treatments twice per week. 50% off when combining with RF Treatment.

Your safety is our priority. Please click here to read about contra-indications to ensure you are suitable for this treatment.

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