Non-Invasive Treatments

With our innovative non-invasive treatments, we have a number of objectives to make you feel like the new you.

Deliver inch loss

  • Sculpt and smooth stubborn areas of fat
  • Reduce circumferential measurements over course of treatments
  • Smooth and tone the skin with chemical peels and various light therapy treatments in combination with RF treatment

Achieve tighter feeling, smoother skin

  • This is the primary reason for clients purchasing the treatments
  • Initial tightening will be immediate following treatment as collagen fibres contract

Tighten and smooth loose skin

  • Over time and successive treatments, new collagen fibres are formed, resulting in a plumper, fresher, more youthful appearance

Cleansing and reducing inflammation of the skin

  • Over time through successive treatments, the different wavelengths of light delivered by the Photon Light Therapy treatment will improve the texture and tone of the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and combat acne

Improve client self esteem

Benefits of Purelift+ Treatments

  • Completely pain free
  • At most some patients (often with darker skin tones) will feel a warm sensation, but no discomfort
  • Absolutely non-invasive
  • No drugs, needles, knives or incisions, unlike more well-known alternatives such as Botox and “fillers”
  • Absolutely no down time
  • Drive, operate machinery, go about the rest of your day immediately after the treatments
  • Works in harmony with the body, leveraging and stimulating natural biological processes