Cryogenic Lipolysis (Fat Freeze)

Cryogenic Lipolysis (Fat Freeze)

Cryogen “Fat Freezing” eliminates those stubborn areas of fat that diet alone can’t shift. Cryogenic Lipolysis can eliminate 20-40% of the fat layer in an area in a single treatment. This is combined with dual wavelength Laser Lipolysis, for all over body contouring and inch loss.

Our revolutionary Cryogen “Fat Freezing” inch loss treatments in Edinburgh leverage the proven principles of “Cryogenic Lipolysis”, also know as “Fat Freezing.” This selectively freezes the fat cells, killing them, but without harming any of the surrounding tissues.

Advantages of the Cryogen

    • Completely non-invasive
    • Fast treatment times
    • Pain free, no side effects or downtime
    • Highly effective, instant lasting results
    • Safe and clinically proven technology
    • Latest clinically developed and proven technology
    • Lower cost than surgical alternatives

Your safety is our priority. Please click here to read about contra-indications to ensure you are suitable for this treatment.

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