Brazilian Bum Lift

Brazilian Bum Lift procedure is a non-surgical bottom lift treatment in order to deliver you with uplifted, tightened, and smooth buttocks.

The bottom lift treatment is popularly known as Brazilian Bum lift treatment all around the world works by:

• Advanced inch loss
• Cellulite reduction
• Body sculpting
• Skin Tightening
• Bottom lifting

The treatment for bottom lifting will start from the consultation.

The experts from the Contour clinic in your first visit will assess your current position and conduct a questionnaire to discuss your desired outcome that what you want from this treatment.

After this, our professionals will provide you an estimate of the number of treatments you will require.
After properly assessing your current state and desired outcome, the professional expert from Contour clinic will measure and record the targeted fatty area accurately.

Also, we will take some photographs in order to monitor the progress in your state.

Following this, the treatment will start.

At Contour clinic in Edinburgh, we are using the latest and most revolutionary new platform for bum lift treatment.

With modern technology and the latest equipment, this treatment will deliver you fantastic and excellent results providing
you a lifted, tightened, and smooth buttock. You can expect the visibility of the result from the very first treatment session.

In the treatment procedure, there will be the use of ultrasonic cavitation to move and smooth fatty deposits and cellulite from the targeted area, the generation of heat in the subcutaneous layer with the help of Multi-Polar Radiofrequency (“RF”) technology.

This will result in the increase in the porosity of the fat cells (adipocytes) along with the selective denaturation of the fibrous septa leading to the promotion of re-growth of healthy, fresh, and flexible collagen.

Within the treatment, the experts will use the Vacuum massage to lift the tissue enabling the selective targeting of the more concentrated Radiofrequency field in order to deliver greater control and thus delivery of RF energy to the targeted
tissue more efficiently.

The vacuum massage will also help in breaking down the old fibrous septa and thus promoting the re-growth of the fresh collagen.
This treatment along with lifting the bum up will also significantly promote and improve lymphatic drainage.

The fat cell content and toxin released from the bursting of the fat cell will be driven into the lymphatic drainage from the
subcutaneous layer and there will be smoothing of the skin.

The treatment will reduce the size and will reorganize the fat cells in order to reduce the total thickness of the adipocyte layers. This will improve the overall appearance of the skin in the buttock area and will allow the therapist in sculpting the tissue with a lifting motion and thus giving the bum a rounded appearance.