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There’s no doubt that a good body skin care routine can improve and maintain your skin in healthy condition. But for superior, appearance-changing, deep and lasting improvements, you need a technically advanced procedure using advanced equipment administered by medically trained and licensed professionals.

Here is where Contour Clinic Edinburgh and its versatile body treatments come in play. Using the latest technology and methods used in the most advanced clinics, our body skin treatments work below the skin’s surface to enact changes at the cellular level.

These body skin non-surgical procedures are not just treatments that don’t offer any particular lasting change; in contrary, they provide dramatic, life-changing and transformative results that will transform the way you see your skin.

Our state-of-the-art body treatments

With thousands of clients served in Edinburgh and with most updated body treatment equipment you can get a wide variety of skin treatments that will reduce fat, improve appearance and simply make you feel empowered!

From Cryogenic Lipolysis and Laser Lipolysis to RF Skin Tightening and Ultrasonic Cavitation, you can make use of our advanced non-surgical treatments to reduce fat, stem the signs of ageing and improve wellbeing worry free.

Just determine your goals and let our professionals take care of the job. We can guarantee that you’ll be taken care from our skin care specialists.

Expect only the most quality service and highly trained professionals who excel in medical aesthetic technology. We are completely committed to providing you with cutting-edge non-surgical procedures for restoring youth, revitalisation and maintaining the beauty and health of your skin.

Don’t know which of these treatments is best for your goals? No problem, contact us today for an assessment and free consultation.

Let’s start the process of a successful, life-changing skin treatment in Edinburgh!