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Have you been struggling with your skincare routine? Maybe you have noticed blemishes that you had not seen before? What can you do to not only make yourself look better but to feel great too? You may feel that you have added a little too much weight recently for your liking or that there are some sagging issues on your body?

So, What Can You Do?

Firstly, don’t worry, it happens to us all and although none of us wants to admit we are ageing, it is something that happens to us all. Find a professional skin expert that offers non-invasive treatments at a really competitive price.For everything from skin rejuvenation, microneedling to fat loss, eye lifts and lip plumping, there are many different things you may be thinking of having done. So, take your time, look at what is important to you and choose the best person or company for the job.

Contour Clinic Edinburgh Can Help!

Good skincare and nice skin appearance have tremendous social and mental benefits – it’s a fact. But another fact is that there are many different types of skin problems.For all your skin imperfections and improvement needs, we at Contour Clinic Edinburgh are here to help.We are here to provide you with various non-invasive skin treatments so you can be the best and most confident version of yourself.

Tammy Prentice  – Treatments Director

Tammy Prentice

Are You in Search of A Skin Expert in Edinburgh?

Look no further than Contour Clinic for excellent service. We have treated numerous patients with our wide range of skincare treatments and procedures. No matter if you’re in search of anti-ageing treatment, skincare to help with acne and redness or to simply take better care of your skin, our dermatologists are here to take care of everything. We are very proactive in terms of patient safety and all guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Skincare should be a crucial part of your routine. From washing and moisturising each day to having a regular consultation for dead skin removal and skin tightening, it’s so important to take care of your skin. So, if you’re looking for the best skincare clinic in Edinburgh that takes care of its clients and offers a range of services, please look no further than Contour Clinic.

To book your consultation with us please contact our team at Contour Clinic today. Upon doing so, we will be on hand and happy to help in any way we can. From discussing our range of treatments to arranging your consultations, we’re always here for you.

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As humans, we all wish for the kind of close-up confidence that comes with clear, glowing and healthy skin.

Skin and bodies that satisfy our own standards of beauty and symmetry.

But we don’t all get what we want.

Skin tends to change over time and there is no need to feel frustrated, angry or lost.

We at Contour Clinic Edinburgh are here to give you the velvety, glowing and revitalized skin and looks that you deserve.

We have a wide variety of treatments for every body part

Trademark Treatments

Our trademark face treatments have already changed the lives of thousands of happy customers giving them exactly what they want in terms of appearance and corrections.

Be Confident in Yourself

Using Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and PlumpingPhoton Light Therapy and (SeeMask Pro), we stimulate collagen production giving you younger, youthful looking skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles giving you a new found confidence in yourself.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest Ultrasonic Cavitation, Cryogenic Lipolysis (Fat Freezing)RF Skin Tightening and Laser Lipolysis technology in the most advanced clinics, our body skin treatments work below the skin’s surface to enact changes at the cellular level.

A Variety of Treatments for All Your Stubborn Fatty Deposits


Our BIO Micro-Current technology works by generating a bio-electrical response within the treated tissues. 

This response is triggered as a result of a micro-current field being generated between the treatment poles. Resulting in increased metabolic processing to improve the health and vitality of the cells.

Perfect for getting rid of:

Be Confident in Your Body

Using a combination of Ultrasonic CavitationCryogenic Lipolysis (Fat Freezing)Laser Lipolysis and Radio Frequency Skin Tightening we can work with you to get your body into the shape you deserve.

Areas we can help with:

results-driven treatments contour clinic edinburgh


At Contour Clinic Edinburgh, we offer only the most advanced, results-driven treatments using state-of-the-art technology.

Your safety and our reputation are our number one priority. We, therefore, commit thousands of pounds each year on training and development, thriving to constantly better our services and our machinery.

The equipment in use is CE certified, and frequently tested to ensure we align ourselves with European legislation.

We use a highly qualified team of certified professionals. Rest assured you are in safe hands and are receiving the highest standards of treatment.

What Treatment You Are Looking for?

Controlled cooling application at a temperature of -8 °C for the non-invasive, localized reduction of fat deposits using Cryogenic Lipolysis.

Radio Frequency energy uses the tissue’s natural resistance to lay down fresh, new collagen fibres resulting in skin remodeling.

A virtually painless, non-surgical body contouring technique that’s performed as an alternative to liposuction.

This non-invasive treatment involves zapping your face with tiny electrical currents to stimulate, tone and tighten facial muscles.

Using radiofrequency focused on the dermis and hypodermis, tightening skin, boosting circulation and removing cellulite.

Using RF light therapy to treat acne with surprising results.

Get naturally fuller, plumper lips without the use of any needles.

Hide the signs of aging whilst giving you plumper, healthier and fuller looking skin.

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure perfect for dry skin which helps with the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture.

Dermapen micro-needling uses a small dermatology treatment device (the dermapen), for a micro-needling procedure.

Chemical peels are used to remove damaged skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath.

Are You unsure about the treatment you need?

Treatment Results

Find out more about our non-invasive cosmetic procedures and why hundreds of men and woman have chosen not to go under the knife and achieve better results.

We are proud to have given men and woman all across Edinburgh and Scotland a new found confidence in themselves.

If you wish to find out more about Ultrasonic Cavitation and how it helps to remove fat and aids your slimming journey, please be sure to get in touch.

Find out more on how you can improve your results of fat freezing.

Visit Our Skin Clinic in Edinburgh

Call on our skin experts at Contour Clinic for all your needs regarding skincare and improvement. Whether you’re in search of a clinic that offers treatment for acne scars, birthmark removal or simply treatment for better skin, let our skin specialists help. We work with patients with all types of skin concerns, so no matter your needs please be sure to contact our team today. You can also browse our website to find out more about our skin clinic in Edinburgh.

The work provided to me by Contour Clinic has been life changing. I feel so confident in myself and I did not even have to go under the knife!

Latha McKim


Latha McKim

Their is a common misconception that these treatments are for woman only, I have visited Contour Clinic many of times for a variety of different concerns regarding dark circles around my eyes and fat loss. Both visits have been fantastic and I could not recommend their services highly enough!

Mr. Graham

(Business owner)

Mr. Graham

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices vary depending on each individuals requirements, this is why I offer a free consultation for your first appointment. This helps give me an idea of what your specific, individual needs and requirements are and give you a price taylored for you.

YES! Baring in mind, every bodies requirements, diet, body composition ect are all different and so treatments can have different results from person to person, but still very effective on each and every one!

The cryogen freezes the fat cells causing them to die. This then over a few weeks, causes your body to get slimmer!

The dead fat cells are moved through your lymphatic system where it is then burned as energy and passed through waste.

There are no long term side effects with any of our treatments. With the Cryogen, Our Skin and fat cells react to the cold at different temperatures and so no long term damage is possible. 

Some people may get slight bruising or numbness after there treatment with the cryogen and also the vacuum assisted Radio frequency but this is a temporary side effect, any of our treatments can cause a little redness on the area worked on, but again, this is just temporary and will be gone within the day!

Machines have been tested to the highest standard and been CE approved. Consultations are given before hand and health questionnaires to be filled before hand, this helps us decide whether this treatment is the right one for you.

All treatments at Contour Clinic are 100% non-invasive, therefore are very comfortable and can carry on in your day to day activities straight after your treatment!

No!…… long as you carry out a healthy lifestyle.

But we cannot control what and how much you eat and how much or little exercise you do! These all have factors on how long you stay slim, I can help you reach your goals, but it’s up to you to maintain the results!

This all depends on how large the area is and how many areas we are to work on. Our free consultation is used to help give you this information more accurately on what, and how many areas of treatments are needed and tailored to your specific needs.

You need to be 18years is the minimum age for all our machines except the light therapy. Which is 16years.

After your initial consultation, your clinician will then mark the targeted area and then place a cool gel pad within the targeted area/s, a vacuum is then placed over the pad which will then draw the fat up within the large paddle and cooled to a -8 degrees Celsius to kill the fat cells within.

This lasts between 40-60minutes. In this time you have the choice of listening to your choice of music, we also have Netflix if you would rather watch a movie or programme of your choice to help pass the time more comfortingly.

When treatment is finished, we then lightly massage the area for a few minutes and remove any excess gel before you get back to your daily life!

When you arrive to the clinic, your clinician will introduce herself and have you fill a health questionnaire to help determine whether or not the treatments available are suitable for you.

She will then discuss what your problems and goals are before examining you. (We basically just look at the areas you want us to change)

Only after this, we will discuss, what treatments we recommend for your needs and requirements and help Taylor a package just for you.

At this time you will be given the price for your package and cost of initial deposit which you can then either book on the spot, or go away and decide later!